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We Both Knew It Was Over

2 thoughts on “ We Both Knew It Was Over

  1. Kegis
    Jun 28,  · I just said, “Stuart.”. And we both knew it was over. I kissed her sweet face, her sweet hands and tears of pain were falling from our eyes.. Feeling like knives cutting our faces. We locked our door and knew that we owed Isabella the privacy she deserved as we got her together.
  2. Dugrel
    We both knew it was something. by WJuliet: I'm not going to start this out with "Dear _____." The world doesn't need to know your name, because we both know I'm talking to you. We both know that we had something -- my fears don't make me blind and despite your idiocy, I know you see it too. I can tell by the way you look at me.

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